Celebrating 40 Remarkable Years at SF Taylor

Looking Back At Gills Extraordinary Contribution

Gill Tress, who has been with our company since 1983, has not only witnessed but actively contributed to the transformative success of the company. Her secret to longevity? Gill’s commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire business, rather than confining herself to specific roles, has been instrumental. Her profound knowledge of the print industry has provided invaluable insights into meeting client requirements.

Gill reflects, “In 1983, when I began as an office junior, our client base was much smaller, and computers were a rarity. Since then, we’ve embraced significant changes, witnessing incredible transformations, innovations, and growth. Appointed Director and Shareholder in 2018, I’ve spearheaded internal infrastructure improvements and streamlining processes, becoming a driving force within the company.”

Evolution of the Industry and Inspiring Women in Business

Gill places great importance on inspiring women in business, having personally observed the industry’s evolving attitudes toward women. She recalls, “In my early days, female leadership roles were scarce, especially in a male-dominated industry like print. It’s been a privilege to witness our team’s transformation, evolving into a diverse and inclusive workforce.”

One important aspect of Gill’s work within SF Taylor, aside from delivering exceptional quality to our clients, is contributing to the local community of Stockport. We have always found importance in creating a rich and strong connection within our community. Engaging in socially important projects and initiatives and contributing to local charities has been a growing tradition over the past 40 years. As a Stockport resident, this holds a personal significance for me.”

A Bright Future Ahead

At SF Taylor, a dedicated and knowledgeable team, committed to delivering exceptional service and fostering a culture of respect and integrity, is imperative. This commitment, which has remained consistent since Gill’s first day at the company, continues to drive their success. Gill is excited about the future, determined to leave a lasting legacy in her role. She emphasizes, “We’ve always placed immense value on creating strong community connections, engaging in local initiatives, and contributing to charities. This tradition has grown over the past four decades, and as a Stockport resident, it holds a personal significance for me.”

Simon, SF Taylor’s Managing Director, expresses his gratitude for Gill’s outstanding four decades with the company. He acknowledges her wisdom, insights, and friendship, emphasizing that they look forward to more years of exhilarating and rewarding experiences.

Gill concludes, “After 40 years of service, I still come to work with a smile! Every day is a learning experience, and my colleagues are what make this a truly special place to work. Here’s to the next 40 years!”