Everything You Need To Know About A Print Audit

Undertaking a new service or working with a new supplier or business can sometimes seem quite daunting or appear like a lot of hard work. A lot of companies change suppliers in order to solve a problem. We meet a lot of clients who want to improve their efficiencies and add value to their business. When we onboard new clients, it’s our job to enhance your business processes and to make your job easier while doing it.

We carry out a print audit to firstly show you where we can make a difference in your business and how we can implement it. As we know your time is limited, we make this process as easy and quick as possible.

We talk through the steps involved in carrying out a print audit, what’s involved and what the benefits are.

Our Three Step Process

1. Review

• Conduct an in-depth review and analysis of your print data
• Engage with end users of your printed material
• Understand and evaluate your full print process from brief to invoice

2. Report

• A clear breakdown of your supply chain and any hidden inefficiencies or expenditure
• Feedback from your end users on service experience, product usage and any pain points they may have
• Full visibility of your product data, usage and any hidden obsolescence and wastage

3. Recommend

• We generate an average of 22% savings for new clients based on our recommendations
• Increase efficiencies and consolidate your service
• Reduce the time you spend on print


This will give you a detailed overview of what you are spending on print and what you could potentially save using our products. We will also reveal any inefficiencies in your supply chain and can make recommendations on where you could make savings. Even if you decide that working with us is not the right choice for you right now, you will still receive some helpful information which may benefit your business.

If you decide you would like to fully outsource your print management, we will then implement our recommendations based on our findings. Typically, you will then benefit from the following:

Consolidated supply chain

If you are using a print management company, one of the reasons might be because you’re currently dealing with too many suppliers within your organisation. This can cause an increase in costs and inefficiencies. By consolidating your supply chain you will be dealing with a single point of contact, instead of juggling multiple suppliers. We also offer a dedicated account manager for all of our clients. This makes it easy to manage your supplier relationship and evaluate their performance. This can add real value to your business.

Increased efficiencies

We believe we can increase the efficiencies within most businesses, through our various processes and systems. HubTec is our Web2Print platform, which allows you to create collateral from templated products designed by our graphic design experts.

Improved sustainability & reduction of waste

We offer a one box solution, which means that we carry as many deliveries as possible in as little packaging as possible. Our online toolkit also helps you to track and manage your orders, to reduce excess ordering and therefore waste.

Improved brand compliance

Our online marketing toolkit HubTec is your perfect marketing weapon, allowing you to create sleek and on-brand templated collateral at your fingertips. This eliminates any ‘off-brand’ material slipping through the net.

Reduced costs

We save our clients an average of 22% in their print spend by implementing all of our processes.

If you decide that that an outsourced print management strategy is not right for you, you can take advantage of some of our competitively prices products. Or perhaps you only require creative studio services, we tailor make a package to suit your needs.

The choice is in your hands. We endeavour to make the process as simple as possible, by offering transparency, every step of the way. We offer this print audit to businesses on a regular basis and is carried out for free, with no obligation.

How To Book Your Free Print Audit

Do you want to find out if our services can enhance your business? Contact us today: sales@sftaylor.com to arrange a free print audit and recommendation or click here.