How using the right print and design partner can help alleviate challenges within the Third Sector

As one of the leading print suppliers in the UK, our goal is to understand our customers and their challenges. This is why we have crafted our service solution, specifically to alleviate these challenges. We know that part and parcel of working within the third sector involves reducing costs where possible. This is an area we specialise in. We also take into account, all of the elements necessary to reduce costs while also saving time and helping our clients to deliver more. Take a look at how our services offer solutions for the challenges within the third sector.

Brand & Regulatory Compliance

Do you operate across several sites within one umbrella organisation? We understand that several marketing teams, working under one brand group, on various localised campaigns can present challenges in ensuring a unified brand. With various graphic designers and online tools in place, sometimes fonts, spacing, colours and even images can be at risk of being ‘off-brand’. Our Web2Print platform allows your marketing team to design their own collateral from pre-approved templates of static and variable items. This gives you the peace of mind that no branding will be compromised along the way. Our bespoke system also offers the option of individual logins for end-users to ensure your team can find exactly what they need, when they need it.  This offers assurance when it comes to authorising orders and keeping your projects within your budget.

As a leading supplier to the NHS and wider healthcare sector, we know that regulatory compliance is an important issue. That’s why our workflows are designed specifically with this in mind. Our templates ensure that all wording on documents is correct and approved. Our team are experts in regulatory obligations so our quality control system can give you peace of mind. The stock management system also alerts you to your stock levels and management information reports can give you an indication of obsolete stock, ensuring nothing is replenished when no longer required. We put systems in place which make your job easier, so that you can concentrate on what’s really important in your role.

Rising Costs

An annual survey carried out by local charity BaNES 3rd Sector Group (3SG) have revealed the extent of the challenges which the not-for-profit sector are facing. 90% of respondents said they were worried about long-term finding and financial viability. The study also found that over 77% of respondents were forced to seek new income streams in 2021 due to the pandemic. 41% of organisations said they have just three months (or less) of expenditure in their reserves.

Key to combatting the rising cost of living and working is putting time and research into those new revenue streams, as well as finding ways to decrease your day to day costs. We specialise in helping organisations to audit their spend, consolidate their service and increase their buying power to drive down costs permanently within their organisation. Our hybrid print and manufacturing solution combines creative design and a Web2Print platform, to make life easier for your team, delivered in a sustainable way. And all from one, single source supplier. We aim to reduce the current costs of our new clients by between 20-25%.

Volunteer Recruitment & Retainment

A recent study carried out by revealed that the initial period of the pandemic saw an upsurge in volunteers, as well as an increased demand for a lot of services within the third sector. During the course of the pandemic, there was more and more people stepping down from their positions, due to covid risks. As newer recruits began to return to work, volunteers have been more difficult recruit and retain. Recruitment fairs are a proven and effective way to recruit new team members, as it gives you the opportunity to showcase your organisation, meet potential candidates face to face, and receive on the spot applications. Our team of experts can help you when planning these events by advising on various types of promotional items, while also offering advice on how to get the most out of your budget – whatever that might be. We supply everything from flyers and pop-up banners to promotional bottles, pens, calendars or even power banks. All from one single source.

Demand for services

Another challenge which appears to be prevalent within the third sector in 2022 is demand for service exceeding capacity.

During the course the pandemic many charitable organisations experienced an overwhelming increase in demand for their services which put pressure on many. As the economy recovers from this period. This, coupled with the increasing rise in the cost of living, it is expected that this demand, for specific types of organisations, in particular those who work to improve  the lives of people with disadvantaged backgrounds. Part of our expertise, is helping organisations to examine their communications process, and make changes that will deliver efficiencies. In doing this, we feel that we help our clients to get back to what they do best within their roles and can in turn deliver more for their clients. Our job, is making your job easier.

Delivery and Fulfilment

Working with various suppliers across a large organisations can happen for a number of reasons. For example;

  • Different requirements for localised campaigns
  • A lack of communication across departments
  • A lack of knowledge of when it comes to what suppliers can provide.

There is also a presumption that delivery time will be quicker when using a local supplier. Unfortunately, this can also lead to dilution in buying power, driving up individual costs. Using a single supplier like SF Taylor can consolidate your supply chain, increase your buying power and reduce your costs. We have the resources to dispatch across the length and breadth of the UK and we also put service level agreements to offer you piece of mind that we can deliver quickly to any site, so turnaround time need never be an issue. We work with various clients who have a number of sites across the UK and Ireland. One such client (with over 500 sites and counting) say working with SF Taylor has increased their productivity and turnaround time as well as increasing efficiency across the board. “You’ve changed my life! It’s so easy to use and everything is seamless. We can design, check stock levels, order and invoice – all from one system. No spreadsheets to deal with. HubTec has revolutionised how we manage our marketing activities and budgets.”

If you would like to find out more about how we can work with your care home to reduce your costs and assist in any challenges you might need help with, contact us today:

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