Increasing efficiencies and reducing costs within the Veterinary Sector with HubTec


We work with many companies, across many industries, all with different requirements. We pride ourselves on offering dynamic and innovative solutions, with the ability to adapt to the changing needs of our clients. When we introduced HubTec as part of our tailored service offering, it was in response to questions we asked our clients about their biggest challenges.

We knew that our clients needed more control over their material and be empowered to create and order more easily. With growing demand in the marketplace for quicker turnaround and delivery times, we decided to implement a solution. Creating campaigns should be simple – that’s why we created HubTec. With many online platforms offering marketing professionals a way to create their own designs with no graphic design skills, we wanted to take it one step further and offer print ready downloadables, along with a myriad of other benefits.

We work with CVS Group; one of the largest veterinary service provider in the UK. With over 20 years of experience in the veterinary healthcare industry, they are committed to being a responsible employer and providing a great place to work with clear career developments. They have a very simple vision; to give the best possible care to animals. And our mission is to help them to achieve this.

What challenges did HubTec solve?

As an organisation with an inventory of over 500 practices, with various separate sub-brands running under the umbrella of the CVS Group brand. Due to the large number of sites and company identities, implementing brand compliance across every site could sometimes be a challenge. Each site required a large level of print for various campaigns and client facing purposes. Therefore, they wanted an online system which would allow their marketing team to create their own material, while remaining brand compliant.

CVS Group required of a complete Web2Print solution, which they could roll out to over 500 sites with many end-users and hundreds of products available.

This encompassed the following:

  • A complete rebrand of their site which fit their own CVS branding.
  • 500 unique user logins
  • Over 1,000 static and variable products
  • Over 100 various brand templates available for editing
  • A masked URL for the site so it could truly represent their brand
  • A dedicated email address and support service for all users

Although we already had over 1,000 users of HubTec across many organisations, this would be largest roll-out of a unified, branded site, with unique user logins for each site. This would allow each user to access only their own branded material and avoid any confusion.

Matching HubTec with specific requirements

We knew that HubTec would be the perfect solution for the requirements which involved:

  • Unique User Logins
  • Stock solutions and order tracking – the ability to reorder when stock needed to be replenished
  • A full branded site
  • An invoicing system which would send approval notifications straight to Regional Managers 

Results: Client feedback from the implementation process

The feedback from our client regarding the software implementation has been spectacular.

“You’ve changed my life! It’s so easy to use and all of our colleagues agree that everything is really seamless. We’re able to check stock levels, order and invoice all from the same system and I don’t have to deal with spreadsheets every month. This has revolutionised how we manage our marketing activities and our budgets. You really have exceeded expectations” Karen White, Marketing Manager, CVS Group.


HubTec was a large part of the onboarding process for this client. Therefore, we needed to ensure that end-users were able to use and navigate the platform. As part of our after-care service, we launched our service to each practice, which involved communicating the supplier transition. We took accountability in assisting this procedure, to make it as transparent and simple as possible. It was important that every person, across the entire organisation, was aware of the change in supplier for the appropriate areas they use. We continue to communicate with end-users through various channels to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop!

We ensured that all end-users would be able to use the platform by doing the following:

  • Creating a full user guide and demonstration video, giving instructions on how to use their new print-hub
  • An SF Taylor Welcome Pack was sent to over 500 sites, which provided details on our business, how to order, a printed version of our user guide and important contact details
  • We conducted surveys with stakeholders and individual users to gain valuable feedback across the board on how we could implement improvements which would make a real difference.

Based on our trial of a selection of end-user training, we have 95% positive response rate from end-users on regard to training provided and benefits of the new system.

We have found working with this client a great success in learning as much about the client as possible, so that we can continue to deliver a stellar service – now and into the future. Our development doesn’t stop with the implementation and onboarding process. We continue to monitor our service level agreements and plan to improve our workflows where possible. The continuous investment in innovative technology, along with the latest development in print machinery ensures that we can continue to grow with our clients.

Can your Business Benefit from a Web2Print Solution?

In order to see the We can conduct a review and make recommendations or conduct on online demonstration of our Web2Print platform HubTec to see if this will be right for your business. Contact us below:

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