SF Taylor New Client Acquisition, Rounding Off A Successful 2021

SF Taylor are delighted to announce the acquisition of 3 new clients in the latter part of 2021. This has boosted annual revenue and created new positions within the company.  As we grow and develop as an organisation, we are very proud of the resilience that our team have shown throughout an undoubtfully difficult year.

A Leading Partner to the NHS

Our new client wins for 2021 consist of two NHS Trusts, who partnered with us based on our stellar reputation as a leading provider to the National Health Service. In 2021 alone, we managed to save the NHS well over £1 million on their previous providers. We’re proud of our record in implementing continuous cost savings. Our studio team live and breathe NHS identity guidelines and are well versed on compliance obligations, making us the ideal supplier partner in this area. We hope that we can continue to add strength to our new partnerships created in 2021.

Success In The Private Sector

Our third acquisition is a blue chip, private limited company outside of the NHS, which has over 500 locations spread across the UK and Europe. Our service solution encompasses all of their service areas and multiple practices. This consists of 5 business areas, spanning over 47 franchised groups. The transition and subsequent procurement of a new service needed to be easier and more efficient, so that each location could continue to grow their business. We are working closely with each location to optimise all of our service solutions for them. We are excited about this partnership and to continue to challenge ourselves to help them develop their organisational goals.

New Client Impact

Our increased client base has meant that we have been able to expand our workforce, creating new jobs within the industry. We have expanded existing departments, including digital printing, accounting and graphic design. Along with this, we have created two new roles within the company; Marketing Manager and Supply Chain Manager. With the employment of a new marketing department within the company, we have undergone a full rebrand and created a brand-new website. We hope this will allow our customers to understand our service offerings more easily, access everything they need and place orders directly.

We pride ourselves on providing skills and training to young people who want more experience in the diverse industry of print and design. As a socially responsible company, we aim to improve the skills of the people within that community. Part of this is creating jobs which will provide long fulfilment and progression.

We have been very lucky to achieve many successes in 2021 and hope for more of the same in 2022!