Promoting A Sustainable Print Solution Within The NHS

As well as being the ideal partner for our clients, to support their commercial and environmental goals, we want to create a culture of innovation and sustainability within the NHS. Our first commitment is to the environment, to ensure we are creating a sustainable planet for future generations.

Here are some of the ways in which we are implementing solutions, specifically tailored for our NHS clients, to reduce the environmental impact of such contracts and create progress for the ultimate NHS goal of a carbon neutral partnership.

Online Order Tracking

We use an online tool to track and measure our carbon output -helping us to monitor the effects of carbon reducing initiatives or mitigate increases in carbon output.

Web2Print Platform

Our Web2Print platform, HubTec tracks stock levels and order patterns, minimising over-ordering and the production of obsolete stock. This diverts waste which may have otherwise potentially went to landfill.

One-Box Solution

Our One-Box Solution ensures that orders are carefully consolidated into one delivery, to ensure our vehicles are never half-full, minimising our carbon footprint on the road, reducing our transportation associated carbon footprint by approximately 20%.

Removal of Single Use Plastics

One NSH we work with requested the removal of the use of polypropelene from all of manufacturing processes and abolishment of the use of single use plastics within the scope of the entire contract. Through collaboration with their team, agreeing on and sourcing appropriate, alternative packaging and solutions, we achieved this goal and continued to deliver this throughout our business, in line with our objectives to remove all single use plastic for every contract. We work with our suppliers to provide eco-friendly alternatives at every level of the manufacturing and packaging process and have a dedicated team which works with our clients to implement sustainable solutions which will never compromise the integrity or quality of products provided.

Sustainable Supply Chain

We work with suppliers which align with our own environmental goals and that of our clients. Our primary paper supplier, has estimated that the forests they manage have offset the equivalent of 5.9 million tons of CO2.

Awards and Recognition

We have won numerous sustainability awards based on our vast efforts to reduce our impact on the environment, including the NHS Sustainability Development Award and the Kodak 2019 SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award.

Work With Us To Implement Sustainable Solutions Within Your Trust

As a premier partner to the NHS, we are in constant communication with sustainability liaison officers. We keeping up to date with the most recent requirements and in line with the NHS goal of ‘Net-Zero’ by 2040, are well placed to deliver a sustainable service solution for your Trust.

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