The Power Of Print

We can’t deny that we live in an ever increasing online world.

We can work, shop, keep up to date with news, catch up with friends and even date – all online. So, since this is the case, why do printed advertisements have a much higher response rate than their digital counterparts?

We’re living in an era where the majority of our daily activities are online but that doesn’t mean print dead. In fact, print is more powerful than ever when it comes to advertising and delivering on your messages. Take a look at some of the reasons why..

Print Is Tangible and Stands Out from the Crowd

While it’s likely that a lot of your target audience are online in some form or another, the competition for their ‘eyeballs’ is fierce. Printed ad material can present an opportunity for your company to stand out and ensure that your ad is seen. Studies show that people are much more likely to trust a printed advertisement over an ad they see online. Because we spend so much time in the digital world, print advertisements or direct mail can really stand out and grab attention. And what’s more – your competitors may not be taking advantage of it, making your campaign really stand out.

Have you ever seen an article on your social media feed, accidentally refreshed the page, and lost it forever? The fast paced nature of social media platforms can mean that your ad quickly disappears – replaced with a new one in a matter of seconds. A tangible advertisement, like a flyer or poster, will stay in front of your potential customer. It also helps to increase brand recognition as you can personalise the content. This builds a better connection, making your brand more memorable.

Print is a great way to reach your audience through a different medium, and make an even bigger impact. KitKat used print to gain attention when they launched their KitKat Chunky. They created a direct mail campaign which offered recipients a free KitKat. This played on the fact that the bar was ‘too chunky’ to fit in their letterbox. A ‘could not be delivered’ mail was sent to recipients who could then pick up their free KitKat at a dedicated location. It was a memorable way to get their message across and also gave people them a chance to taste the product for free which optimised engagement.

You Can Expect A Higher Return On Investment

As we can see, direct mail is far from dead. And it can have a much bigger impact on your marketing efforts than you think. Combining a print advertising and mail strategy with your digital marketing tactics will allow for highly targeted, data driven campaigns. This will positively affect your bottom line.

According to the European Business Review, direct mail is still one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers.

‘It might surprise many business owners that direct mail advertising gives a lot more returns than paid ads or online display ads. Shocked! But as per survey, direct mail has an ROI of around 25%. In fact, it’s just behind email and social media when it comes to ROI.’

It’s a great way of targeting your audience and connecting with new people, without stretching your budget. In 2020, we sent some of our clients and connections ‘Spread Joy Through Print’ postcards with some inspirational quotes and funny messages on them. We wanted to brighten peoples day in what was a tough year for many. We made some new connections, made people smile and engaged with clients old and new.

It’s Easier to Digest..

The way we process physical print differs to how we read something online. As it turns out, people find it easier to focus on physical copy, than reading things online. There are less distractions, and it’s a lot easier on the eyes. We also tend to read printed materials at a slower rate, therefore your customers are more likely to take in the information. Browsing online is addictive, and most of us are probably guilty of spending far too much time endlessly scrolling on smartphones. As we’re becoming aware of this, many people are making an effort to disconnect from technology more often. Digital fatigue is on the rise and businesses should be aware of this in their advertising strategies. Reading a piece of printed material or being a recipient of a fun direct mail campaign will likely come as a refreshing change to being targeted online with huge amounts of digital advertising.

Print Allows For More Creativity

The internet undoubtedly inspires a lot of opportunities for creativity. However, it can also be quite limiting in regard to how your ads are displayed. You can’t create an online advertisement that strategically folds, or one that has pop out features. Materials and effects, such as gloss or holographic lettering cannot be replicated on a screen. These techniques, though seemingly small, are so important.

They play a vital part in giving your brand flare, a unique twist and helps you to compete for attention. Something which catches the attention of your customer. This can potentially last for a weeks, months or even years – sending our your brand message in a powerful way that doesn’t disappear at the click of a button. As direct mail can be highly targeted, you can personalise the content to any extent you like. Everyone likes receiving post and seeing your name in print gives a much more personalised touch.

We strive to become an integral part of your business as your supplier, understanding every facet of your business, all of your requirements, and what you truly value when it comes to your communications. This way, we can advise on how to use print to communicate effectively, and you can get on with what you do best.

Are you interested in learning more about the power of print? Our team are specialists in what they do and we tailor make solutions which fit with your needs. We offer full end-to-end print management solutions. Equally, if you require help with only some elements of your design or support in your marketing team, we can assist you. Why not contact us to arrange a print audit or demonstration of our online Web2Print platform HubTec. It’s time to truly discover the power of print!