Why Changing Suppliers isEasier Than You Think

We know that making changes within your business isn’t always easy. Change can often seem daunting, especially when it comes to your supply chain and varying processes.

However, as the saying goes; ‘change is as good as the rest’. Making decisions which embrace the positives that come with change is the best way to enhance your business. Some companies decide to change processes within their business or change suppliers in order to solve a particular problem that they are having. However it’s important to continually analyse your processes and sometime the best way to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and add value to your business is to change things up.

One of the main questions we always ask ourselves..

How much will I have to do?


Our job is two fold:

  • Make it easy for you to discover if a print management solution can benefit you OR if switching suppliers is the right decision.
  • Our implementation process; which aims to take the burden from you and ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

This is why we offer a completely free print audit. We will analyse your print spend and offer potential recommendations and solutions to facilitate your decision.

This helps us to define your processes and spend, as well as offer guidance on if and how we can help to increase efficiencies, improve sustainability and reduce costs. We do this this through three key procedures:

1. Review

We conduct an in-depth review of your print process and analysis of your print data, including spend. We then engage with end users of your printed material to evaluate your full print process from brief to invoice.

2. Report

We analyse a clear breakdown of your supply chain to identify any inefficiencies or hidden expenditure. We gain feedback from your end users on service experience, product usage and any pain points they might have. Full visibility of your product data, usage, hidden obsolescence and any potential wastage.

3. Recommend

We will then produce a full report and make any recommendations based on our findings. We typically generate an average of 22% savings in spend for new clients, compared to previous systems. As well as this, we will increase your efficiencies and reduce time spent on print by consolidating your services.

We conduct this report in a quick and efficient manner, and is done so with no implied obligation from you. If for any reason you decide not to work with us after your report has been completed, we hope that you will still have some helpful information, which can assist you in your business going forward.

We can also offer a free online demonstration of our Web2Print platform Hubtec, which allows you to create collateral from templated products designed by our graphic design team, ensuring brand consistency and version control. This is optional as part of the print audit process or can be carried out independently of an audit. We tailor make solutions designed to fit your requirements. HubTec is the central command portal for all of our customers’ printing needs. With the added facility to order pre-printed stock or print on demand in smaller quantities, HubTec gives you a full view of your print activity and marketing collateral, simplifying your marketing activities. It links straight to our management information system, so you can alert us to new orders or changes to existing ones at the touch of a button.

After the initial print audit is complete, we carry out client onboarding with the following implementation process:

We are experienced in implementing and mobilising print contracts ranging from tens of thousands of pounds per annum to upwards of £1,000,000 per annum. Our approach to mobilisation is always to ‘check it twice, do it once’. All of our implementations are handled by our Senior Management Team who each take responsibility for different areas of the implementation. Collectively the team have over 70 years’ experience of implementing client projects.

Once an implementation project has been initiated, we phase implementations in accordance with our 4Ds methodology. The phases are:


The Discovery phased is intended to enable us to fully understand and integrate with you. We aim to understand how you work, your processes and systems, the positives and negatives of your current model. This typically involves understanding and process mapping the various areas through initial engagement meetings with your Key Stakeholders. These typically include details about your marketing, if you require Hubtec implementation, approach of service level agreements, KPI’s and management reports – among any other relevant documentation.


The Delivery phase involves the management and implementation of the plan we have agreed, at this point we ‘Go Live’ with the service.


The Delivery phase involves the management and implementation of the plan we have agreed, at this point we ‘Go Live’ with the service.


Once all of this has been set up for you, managing your marketing campaigns and print couldn’t be easier. We will carry on developing and learning with you to meet your seasonal requirements and fluctuations and any new customer demands which might arise from the marketplace. At SF Taylor it is a never-ending story as we are continually looking for ways to improve the service we offer. We are committed to working with you to achieve the best potential from your business and add value where and when we can. We strive to be a long-term supplier and partner and an integral part of your business so that your continued success is our continued success. We can start delivering for you and continue a prosperous partnership that enhances your business.

If you’re thinking of changing your print management partner, but not sure where to start, why not send us your details and book in for a free, no obligation print audit.

You can do so by clicking here

You will also have the opportunity to explore if HubTec will be suitable for your business and marketing activities, with a free, no obligation, demonstration. Our team have the expertise to deliver a smooth supplier transition which works for you and your business.

‘Change begins at the end of your comfort zone’
Roy T Bennett.