Case Study

We helped this NHS Trust increase brand compliance & process efficiencies

Executive Summary

SF Taylor are proud to be preferred suppliers to several NHS Trusts across the UK. Part of our role as a key supplier and partner, is to drive forward change within the sector, that will add value for the National Health Service. This includes delivering an improved service, with added efficiencies, whilst increasing brand consistency and removing any potential compliance issues.

This Foundation Trust initially appointed SF Taylor as their print management provider to produce forms, medical charts and patient information leaflets. Below, we delve into further detail, to discover their challenges, requirements and the solutions we put in place to improve the service provision.

The Requirement

The National Health Service is one of the world’s largest health organisations and leaders in ensuring fair and adequate health support for all UK citizens. The NHS is divided into various Trusts, and we are a supplier and partner to many.

This Trust is a leading expert in cancer care, research, and education who provide acute hospital services to over 800,000 patients.. They had a requirement to create, manage, produce and control 1,000+ patient information leaflets. We facilitated this by implementing our platform HubTec, in order to replace their current process. Find out how we achieved this.

The Challenge

The objectives of the Trust were to reduce the administration process of ordering, printing and delivering patient information leaflets, to remove the need for stores to stock hold Patient Information Leaflets. In order to do this, we needed to understand the current end-to-end process, as well as the products and formats. It was also important to define the ordering process.

One of the main practical challenges facing the Trust was producing and updating 1,000+ patient information leaflets. The existing system was labour intensive and time consuming. Ensuring brand compliance across the Trust could be difficult, as there was several users and requests for artwork, as well as cumbersome proof and approval loops. The internal stakeholders and end users recognised that they would benefit from implementing a new approach to this task. 

Our previous experience proved to be valuable, as we could instantly recognise where we could add value to their processes, by taking a partnership approach. Our project solution consultants began by reviewing existing processes and developing a best-fit solution. It became clear that the specific challenges in regard to compliance, were not isolated to this Trust alone. In response to this, our team looked at a holistic solution. By rolling out the introduction of HubTec across many NHS Trusts, brand consistency and compliance in their healthcare leaflets, would be simple to manage as everything would be templated. We believed this would alleviate the additional work carried out by their internal team, allowing them to focus on core areas of their work, without incurring any unnecessary charges. 

Solution & Benefits

In order to modernise and automate the current process, we implemented HubTec; our online Web2Print Portal, delivering a bespoke document management solution to suit our client’s specific requirements. This gave the Trust full version control, with all information leaflets coded and stored in a central location, giving complete visibility of all assets.

We had many considerations, including current product codes, pack sizes, minimum and maximum orders, cost centres, deliveries, invoicing and site skinning. Internal cost centres for the end users could be assigned, which would sit behind the system to generate monthly KPI’s. This would allow their teams to attribute costs to a department or disease group. As our Web2Print platform was created as a tailored solution for our clients, we created a new Digital Asset Management System and then add templating as a ‘plug-in’ to the current site.

The new platform has facilitated the following:

  • Instant access to artwork and assets.
  • A workflow for effective approval loops and compliance.
  • Ability to create, manage and control patient information leaflets without any 3rd party involvements.
  • Compliance and brand guardianship.
  • Quarantine of assets at expiry date, eliminating future publication.
  • Shopping basket facility for ordering available leaflets at fixed prices allowing for cost transparency.


The Trust now has full version control of their templates, with all information leaflets coded and stored in a central location, giving complete visibility of their assets. By utilising an online workflow and systems, we took a heavy administrative burden away from the Trust. It has reduced turnaround times and volume of orders, thanks to improved leaflet compliance. The internal team now have the ability to self-create and amend leaflets using the online central command suite. HubTec puts the Trust in control of their assets and offers support and reporting on all orders.

“With SF Taylor, we know that we have a committed print management partner, who can adapt to our changing needs and add value when and where we need it. Implementing HubTec to produce our patient information leaflet was a great example of this and has continued to streamline our marketing activities by significantly reducing time spent on artwork creation. It has also increased brand consistency across the organisation. With vast experience in the healthcare arena, they not only support us in our requirements, but our account managers are also able to advise and recommend on various areas, as they know our organisation so well.”

NHS Foundation Trust.

Since the introduction of our central command suite HubTec, over 75% of our client base have been converted to using the Web2Print service. There has been overwhelmingly positive feedback in regard to how it has given control back to the Trusts. This in turn, has strengthened their brand message and solved a ‘headache’ for their marketing and comms teams, putting more power and resources in their hands to meet deadlines and improve efficiencies.

Do you want to find out more about HubTec? We offer a free, no obligation, online demonstration which covers the features and benefits of HubTec, as well as our tailored, hybrid print management solutions. We do this remotely, to showcase how this could benefit to your organisation. For more details about HubTec and our print review process, contact us directly.

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