Case Study

Examining the benefits discovered by three NHS Trusts by outsourcing their internal print rooms

Executive Summary

SF Taylor have a long-standing supplier relationship with the NHS, on a national basis, with a proven track record in this sector, winning awards for services delivered. 

Working closely with our NHS clients, our aim is to drive forward change within the sector, by understanding current and future objectives. We implement bespoke solutions, to improve service levels and process efficiencies, with a commercial model that drives savings for each individual Trust.

As a strategic partner to various Trusts, we have provided the expertise, knowledge and resources to work on alternative solutions which can optimise their communications activities.

In some cases, there is a historic internal print implant on site at the Trust, of perhaps varying sizes and complexities. The projects we have worked on have varied from small units with a degree of manufacturing equipment, supported by external companies for products out of scope, through to more complex set ups with a commercial manufacturing set up.

In other cases, we have consolidated a supply chain from an existing framework of multiple suppliers, to deliver a sole supply solution. Our key focus is always on aligning our service to the objectives, to deliver sustainable, long-lasting efficiencies, cost savings and added value. In recent years, we have invested significantly in our electronic workflows and cataloguing systems to streamline our service proposition and ensure we can service and deliver through a commercially viable, transparent model.

We have worked with some of the UK’s largest Trusts, who previously had an internal print room arrangement. These arrangements covered the ordering, creation of artwork, production, distribution, and stakeholder engagement offering a compliant route to market. Read below, examples of three different Trusts who have outsourced their internal print rooms to SF Taylor.

Discover the benefits of an outsourced print solution, delivered compliantly by SF Taylor.

Case Study 1

Having worked with this Trust since 2008, we have continued to adapt and align our services to their evolving requirements to improve efficiencies and processes where possible. This contract was initiated through the Official Journal of European Union which was a competitive exercise.


The key drivers for the Trust were to outsource the internal print room and involve the TUPE of staff to SF Taylor, in order to achieve the following:

  • Strict compliance
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced workload
  • Improved service efficiencies
  • The ability to meet deadlines.


The outcome proposed, was a single service solution for the provision of all operational, marketing print and associated services. As a sole supplier, we supply a wide range and variety of products and services, encompassing; the supply of digital and litho printing, large format printing and studio services; the creation of operational documents and marketing collateral in line with brand guidelines. Strict version control was required on all documentation.

We subsequently provided:

  • Order process direct from end users – servicing over 12,000 end users.
  • Studio services; from full creative to standard document creation.
  • In-house manufacturing.
  • Storage and stock management of products.
  • Consolidated picking and packing creating a ‘one box solution’.
  • Daily deliveries to over 1,000 delivery points.
  • Management of Trust MFDs (multi-function devices).
  • Purchase of specialist products creating a single supply solution.
  • Dedicated Account team – on and offsite of the Trust.
  • Onsite desk top delivery team.
  • Supported by full KPI and MI reporting for clear transparency surrounding the service provision.

With the above in place, we were able to reduce their overall costs, reduce the manual workload within their team, certify that all of their documentation was strictly compliant and also ensure they could meet deadlines.

Case Study 2

Following a successful tendering process, through an approved framework, SF Taylor were appointed as the preferred print partner for a large, acute NHS Trust. This was the first contract the Trust had put into place, previously having a full implant print unit on site at one of their hospitals.


The key drivers for change are outlined below:

  • Remove existing implant and associated risks.
  • Reduce overheads currently associated with implant.
  • Remove lengthy production lead times.
  • Introduce new industry technology and manufacturing capabilities to replace the out-of-date processes.
  • Streamline the paper-based workflow.
  • Remove paper requisitions and ensure all spend was on purchase order via the Oracle system.
  • Remove localised stock holding and reduce stock liability to the Trust –  in many cases 12 months stock remained on the shelf.


Our project management team worked with key stakeholders at the Trust to build a robust implementation plan and scope the full service required. The implementation encompassed;

  • TUPE of five Trust staff.
  • Uplift of existing stock from the Print Unit.
  • Changes to the ordering process with a phased approach being applied to the removal of paper requisitions.
  • Seamless transition from current to new process with new industry technology being introduced. 
  • Manufacturing of all stock items, including bespoke promotional items.
  • Digital, litho, and large format production.
  • Supportive studio services as required with asset management.
  • Set multi-drop, multi-day deliveries.
  • Storage, pick and pack facilities.
  • Purchase of specialist products.
  • Dedicated account management team.

As a result of outsourcing of the Managed Print Service, the Trust has met objectives and delivered significant cost savings, and efficiencies to the organisation.

We delivered the following:

  • Cost savings of over 25% on product price.
  • Fixed contract purchase agreement.
  • Over 95% of products catalogued.
  • Significant reduction to stock holding, reducing liability and stock obsolescence.
  • Full Management Information report that was previously unavailable.
  • Fully integrated electronic workflow.
  • Agreed Service Level Agreements, measured through monthly KPIs.
  • Review meetings that enable sharing and future planning

“We have seen many benefits from working with SF Taylor. This has dramatically improved the ordering process.. Delays in requests for printing was previously a common complaint, which has now virtually disappeared. SF Taylor were very proactive during the implementation stage. Although a wholesale change of the printing requirements for such a large Trust will never be straightforward, the implementation of the ‘new’ process was very simple and did not cause the Trust any disruption to our day-to-day activities. Since the implementation SF Taylor have proactively remained supportive to the Trust and provided advice to further improve our printing service.”

Head of Facilities

Case Study 3

SF Taylor engaged directly with a Trust who were looking at options surrounding an on-site print service, which had been in place for a long period of time.

Following the initial engagement, we found that the current print service was being delivered through an internal department, with some outsource purchasing taking place within the Trust. The print and design services were managed in-house at the Trust with three employees. A key team member of this department was due to retire and the Trust needed to review how they procure their print requirements. They also needed to take into account the on-boarding of Electronic Patient Records in the coming years. 


  • Service model was based on a print on demand service.
  • No stock is held on site or with 3rd party suppliers.
  • Manufacturing equipment was leased by the Trust, which was not cost-effective. 
  • Artwork was created by the print room and held on a shared drive with little approval loop, leaving the Trust open to risk. 
  • Labour intensive using outdated systems.
  • Management Information is held in varying excel spreadsheets and not controlled by a central system.
  • Spend recharged to end users via the print room was not controlled or monitored.
  • Orders were delivered as and when the department ordered which was unsustainable.

Solution and Benefits

We believed that the Trust would benefit from utilising our fully managed, outsourced model. SF Taylor provided a compliant route for the Trust, through a framework agreement by HealthTrust Europe.

The model is based on a sole supply solution, and partnership approach, working together to ensure we deliver value for money continuously. Our print management service covered all aspects of the current and future requirements and accessed all of the services we offer allowing best practice to be shared across all of our NHS customers.

Detailed below is an overview of the key service areas within the model;

  • Print Management Partner and new service model. We would cover all design, print and vendor management for all print and related materials.
  • A Managed Stock Model – facilitating buying in bulk to reduce costs.
  • Digital. A Print on Demand Model, enabling end users to order at fixed price banding at the point of purchase, reducing the need to quote frequently used ad-hoc products.
  • Vendor Management. We support local existing suppliers for continuity of service in certain areas.
  • Specialist products such as specimen bags, case notes and patient property bags can be sourced through our supply chain and delivered as part of the managed service.


Together with our experience, capacity, manufacturing capabilities, we strive to continue to support the public healthcare system through continual development and innovation. 

Our sole supply and outsourced print room contract gives our clients piece of mind that they are utlising the most cost-effective strategy, offering more efficient and sustainable processes, eliminating unnecessary wastage, reducing workload, ensuring compliance and deadlines are met, using the most up to date technology in the industry.

All of the services and processes are delivered compliantly through an approved framework, in which SF Taylor scored the highest within our category in both quality and commercial areas.

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