A few of the environmentaly friendly initiatives we embrace

Sustainability & Responsibility

We take our responsibility to the conservation of the planet very seriously and make a concerted effort to give back to society and the community in which we operate.

As part of being a responsible employer, promoting sustainability, employee wellness and supporting local charities and initiatives across our organisation are some of our top priorities. We comply with all relevant laws and regulations in terms of environmental, health and safety, corporate responsibility and social responsibility but also challenge ourselves to provide innovative, imaginative and sustainable leadership and programmes, across 3 key areas: Environment, Employee Wellness, Community & Marketplace. Our management team ensure that our actions balance the needs of the key stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, communities with the natural environment.

Here are just some of the initiatives we embrace:

1. Our Internal Processes

Our Internal Processes. We use only vegetable-based inks, cut down on wastage by recycling solvents and use an ink pumping system which both reduces volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitted to the atmosphere and minimises waste. We use ‘Process Free Printing Plates’ which completely omit harmful chemicals from our printing processes, such as developer and gum. They also save on both water and energy usage. Reduction of water usage in the manufacturing processes through a varied number of ways. Any waste generated throughout the print production process is strictly segregated and skips containing the different materials are collected and taken off site by specialist recycling companies.

Kodak Award in response to our switch to Process Free Printing Plates, and our ongoing environmental commitments, we have been recognised by Kodak and awarded the Sonora Green Leaf Award in 2019.

2. Packaging

Another key area we have focused on to support our carbon reduction is packaging. We have worked with our customers to find sustainable solutions that do not affect the integrity of the packaging.

3. Carbon footprint

We ensure that material is delivered safely but utilising the least amount of packing material required. Utilising our own vehicles and dedicated drivers minimises the need for additional packing. We have various initiatives throughout our business, from simple steps such as the removal of paper towels in favour of eco-electric hand dryers, to the consolidation of our vans from 3 to 2, supporting a large reduction in our CO2 emissions which also helps us to strive for reduced and more consolidated deliveries.

4. Employee training

We offer rigorous training to employees on how to minimise their individual impact on the environment, how to correctly recycle, ways in which to reduce energy usage and what we do as a company to support these efforts. Sustainability is in important ethos throughout our business.

5. HubTec

Our online Web2Print platform tracks stock and orders, minimising the chances of clients over-ordering stock which may then become obsolete. Our one box solution ensures that your print is consolidated into one delivery to ensure our vehicles are never half-full. This is just one of the ways which helps us to reduce our carbon footprint.