6 Benefits of Working With a Print Management Company

When you have been in business for as long as we have, you learn a thing or two about how to add value to the business of your clients. We are continually developing and striving for better.

A lot of our success is down to our team – our people are at the heart of our business. This is what we call ‘Believe in more’ and this is the ethos of our business. We believe in more, so that our clients can deliver more. In turn, our clients help us to continually improve, by allowing us to become an integral part of their business. We learn more about their needs and requirements and this is how we help them to flourish.

Here are just a few ways that we are proud to benefit our clients and how a managed print solution might be able to help you.

1. Enhanced Brand Compliance

Ordering and managing your print should be simple. Our online toolkit HubTec offers the technology to help you do this.

HubTec is a Web2Print platform designed for all your printing needs, allowing you to create templated collateral, ensuring brand consistency and version control. HubTec has the added facility to order pre-printed stock or print on demand in smaller quantities, so you have full view of your print activity. This ensures brand compliance and consistency, as well as meeting deadlines and delivering campaigns efficiently. Our online system allows you to create designs, order and track your print ensuring premium cost efficiency.

2. Access to a Global Supply Chain

Access to a larger supply chain not only means more choice of products, but more efficient timelines. We supply a vast array of products in house. However, if there’s anything that we don’t have, we can source it from our own partners. This means we can manage and tailor any bespoke project you have in mind, without the need for you to source an external supplier. This combination helps to streamline your day-to-day activity and reduces unnecessary administration. You can be as creative as you like with your campaigns!

3. Dedicated Account Management

Whether you’re a marketing manager or procurement specialist, we know that purchasing print products can sometimes become a challenge. Perhaps you don’t have time to deal with logistics or don’t have the knowledge when it comes to choosing materials. This is where a dedicated account management team can make a big impact to your campaign. Our designers can advise and guide on the design and style of your campaign. Your account manager will then give you the information about the products and advise on the best items to use. Once you give us a brief of what you want, you will receive answers to any questions you have on the most suitable material or product, and everything else along the way. They are your expert partners in print and printed products. A helping hand, ready to make your communications sparkle!

4. Increased Efficiencies

Consolidating your supply chain and using one company for your marketing, product, creative and print needs, makes your life easier! Dealing with multiple suppliers on a daily basis can increase purchasing and ordering costs, and can often lead to over-ordering. Your account manager will have a full overview to your entire ordering history and can advise if there is a delivery already on the way.

By partnering with a print management company, you are effectively consolidating your supply chain. This makes it much easier to manage your supplier relationship and evaluate their performance, which can add real value to your business.

Having a consolidated supply chain also optimises delivery times and improves supplier relations. You will have enhanced purchasing power and can focus on building a stronger relationship with your core supplier. This will help to support the long-term success of your business.

5. Risk Elimination

As a leading supplier to the NHS, one of the key benefits that we have provided has been the introduction of branded templates through our online system HubTec.

Using HubTec ensures that all of the medical questionnaires and forms etc are unified throughout the organisation. They can be easily checked for risk analysis and ensure that all necessary questions are asked in relation to specific procedures.

Aside from this, with less suppliers to manage, there is less risk to your company in terms of legal, quality and sustainability compliance.

6. Reduced Costs

We typically save our clients an average of 22% on print spend. We do this through the following positive actions.

  • Consolidating your supply chain
  • Increasing your buying power
  • Improving your day-to-day efficiencies
  • Offering a system which allows you to create your own marketing collateral
  • Providing competitive, transparent pricing on our products.

SF Taylor can implement all of the processes mentioned above. We have many examples of how we have helped our clients to streamline their procurement strategy to improve performance and productivity, as well as alleviate any risks associated with having multiple suppliers. If you would like to learn more about the process of consolidating your supply chain, feel free to contact sales@sftaylor.com to ask for more details book in for a free audit of your current processes here