Our Implementation Process - How We Work With You

Our service should make your business even more efficient, so that you can continue to grow, utilising our solutions to enhance your offering. Our goal is to become a trusted, long-term partner and an integral part of your business – allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. This is why it’s important that you carefully consider all of your suppliers. As a service provider working with various types of clients across several different industries, we are aware of the challenges for businesses when transitioning to a new supplier.

Our clients often have many facets of their business, which need to be taken into consideration when taking on a new service partner. Our solution aims to transform print, production, marketing and logistics in order to optimise quality, improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

So how do we – as a new supplier– implement our processes to make this transition as smooth as possible for our clients?

We take a look at the implementation process of a new client in a situation where our service solution would encompass all service areas ie. Print & Production, Creative Services, HubTec and Product Management, Fulfilment & Delivery.

We first must understand the core elements and unique points about the companies we begin working with. This means:

  • Conducting an initial scoping meeting with key stakeholders.
  • Identifying pain points / challenges within their existing service.
  • Collecting necessary data -user, product information, usage and sample assets.
  • Engaging with end-users to gain important feedback

We then begin a discovery phase to find out even more about the business and how we can we help. We do this by conducting our 4-D process before implementing solutions.

Our Three Step Process

1. Discover

Establishing the facts. We conduct a full audit of current processes to understand what changes need to be implemented.

2. Deliver

The ultimate goal is to deliver an effective, efficient print, production and design solution. We need ensure that we can do this.

3. Design

We offer an in-house studio for fully or semi-creative requirements. As well as this, our Web2Print platform HubTec, allows us to brand templates, so team members can create their own collateral from predesigned templates of static and variable products.

4. Develop

Our goal is always the same – develop and grow with our clients. We strive to offer new and innovative solutions to enhance their business.

Where do we concentrate on improvement?

We endeavour to improve various areas of the business as a sole supplier of various products and services.

Service Levels

Our customer service is paramount to how we run our business. Our dedicated account management and consultative approach means that our clients receive all of the guidance they require, from experts in the field and have a dedicated team to answer their questions. We often improve ordering and invoicing processes, collateral design and delivery to ensure a more efficient service.


One of the unique aspects of our business is the ability to reduce costs while improving quality. Our workflows ensure efficiency, so that cost cutting is a by-product of how we work. We aim to reduce costs by between 20-25% for new clients and have won awards based on our ability to do this.

Supplier Relations

Our people are our biggest strength. We view our client relationships as a long-term partnership and work closely with our clients. The implementation process relies heavily on communication and good relations. As a sole supplier for print management, creative design and manufacturing, we can improve supplier relations for our clients by consolidating their supply chain.


We ensure that our service is underpinned by corporately responsibility and sustainable practices. We believe this is our responsibility as an employer. This is part of our Believe in more ethos. You can learn more about our sustainability practices here.


Our Web2Print platform HubTec combines various elements to consolidate your printing needs. This is designed so that large organisations can implement users across various sites, offices and plants, giving access to pre-templated marketing and operational collateral. This frees up time and reduces costs for teams which oversee marketing distribution and assistance.


We can re-design the look and feel of HubTec, so that it could blend in seamlessly with your corporate identity.

Approval Loops

This allows end-users a more efficient way to place and receive orders and gain quick approval through their line manager, who can approve orders in batches and with a simple notification system.

Pre-Agreed Templating Tool

Your internal team can create their own marketing collateral for localised campaigns. The Digital Asset Management System allows for uploads to be checked for ‘fit for purpose’ print or pdf downloads, ensuring your marketing collateral is always ‘on-brand’.

Fixed Price Calculators

Giving cost transparency.

Individual Logins and Cost Centres

This gives full transparency of your costs and spending and allows various departments and business areas to keep their collateral and orders completely separate.

Management Information Reporting

Full visibility of order history, order purpose, delivery information and cost.


We provide training, testing, user-guides and video demonstrations, so that your team can use our systems seamlessly.

Continuous Development for our Clients

Once we have implemented our service solution, we don’t stop there.

We continue to monitor our service level agreements and improve our workflows where possible. This includes continuous investment in technology and the latest developments in print machinery, to ensure we can continue to grow with our clients. We often conduct surveys with end-users to gain valuable feedback and add more value as we move forward and evolve.


“The feedback has been brilliant from our colleagues. They love the speed of delivery and functionality of the print hub, which makes their activities much easier. Our marketing inbox is quieter than ever and we have peace of mind knowing that all of our material is on-brand with a fool proof system in place.” ~SF Taylor client